oneplus nord 2 Megapixels Ultra-Wide Camera With Flash


The first smartphone from the brand, the OnePlus Nord, was launched in Russia a few months ago and is proving to be one of the best mobile phones being sold today. The model has been highly praised by users and reviews have been highly positive. The device runs on the Android OS 3.2 and offers the users a lot of features and options which are not provided by any other smartphone in this category. The user-friendly interface and a number of options provided by the manufacturer have made it popular with a majority of the users. This review will highlight some of the highlights of the product and how it can be used.

The design of the smart phone is sleek and has been designed especially for the Russia market. The body of the handset is made out of aluminum and the display screen is covered with Corning Gorilla glass. The display has a high pixel density, which enables sharp images to be viewed.

The onerous nord 2 features an eight megapixel camera with image processing capabilities, which enable the user to shoot photos easily. It has got built in image editing tools, which allows the user to change the color, tone, texture and size of the picture. The OPE cover of the phone comes with the android operating system, which offers plenty of room to customize and personalize it. There are plenty of customization options available like changing the boot logo, the wallpaper and plenty more. The user can also install the android apps which he feels like using.

Oneplus devices come loaded with lots of features like they are compatible with the Microsoft Exchange Mobile 1.0, which provides the user with an enhanced e-mail experience, the MMS feature, the ability to add contacts as well as the camera support, which help in taking good quality pictures in low-light conditions. Oneplus devices have the ability to connect to the Wifi on the move, which makes them very convenient to use. Apart from the camera, the device also supports the Bluetooth technology for sending and receiving files. Other features include the geotagging, FM radio, microSD slot, USB interface for memory cards, video recorder and the data pixels which help in taking clear pictures. oneplus nord 2

Nokia has once again surprised the mobile industry with its partnership with the famous manufacturer of HTC and this time the company has launched the fantastic Nokia E71W which has got some great features in it. The smartphone has the ability to run Windows Mobile OS, which is a great feature for the Windows based mobiles. The camera module of the handset can be used to capture images with the digital camera of your choice. It also has the ability to store the images for further reference. The chipset inside the handset is the chipset of the Nokia E71, which features the MediaTek MTK and the ARM processor.

The handset comes with a 16 mega pixels screen, which is higher than the screens of the existing One devices. This is one of the reasons that has made it the most sought after smartphone by the users. The large display has got the users attracted to it because of the better clarity and the bright colors. The Nokia E71W also comes with a 2 Megapixels Ultra-wide camera, which has the ability to capture the images in the clearest manner. Apart from the camera, the smartphone also has the support for the HEVC/HDR image formats and the Biodiesel technology for the WiFi connectivity.

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